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Cedric's meeting and work space


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Stop by to get some work done "after hours" or take a tour of Cedric's.

Open until 9pm!


7:15-7:45am: Guided Meditation with Marie (arrive 7-7:15am)

088am-4:30pm 09
10 118am-4:30pm 128am-4:30pm 138am-4:30pm 148am-4:30pm 158am-4:30pm 16
17 188am-4:30pm 198am-4:30pm 208am-9:00pm

6:30-8:30pm: Meet and Greet with The Room to Write.

Open until 9pm!

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24 258am-4:30pm

FREE Monday: Stop by anytime without using your hours. Non-members: Enjoy complimentary time!

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