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Cedric's meeting and work space

About Us

Starting in 1992 as Boston Computer Scanning, Inc. (“Bosscan”), we have been providing document scanning and related business services to industries throughout New England. In 2015 Bosscan relocated its offices to Wakefield Center. The new location included a vacant retail space next door. We decided to search for a use of that space that would utilize our small business experience to benefit the local community. We saw how the Open Workspace environments in Boston, Cambridge, Manhattan and beyond, were catering to those in need of a comfortable, productive space to work, or simply to relax, away from home or the office.

Many of these people felt more productive amongst creative and business minded individuals. We thought maybe there were similar workers and creative thinkers in the suburbs in need of a place to go as well. So, after two years of planning in December of 2018 we opened Cedric’s Studio next door to Bosscan. Cedric’s is a 30 seat Open Workspace available to anyone needing a comfortable, friendly environment to relax and be productive. Although similar to Open Workspaces in major cities, Cedric’s is unique in that it is a suburban location, independently owned and operated, and ready to cater to our guests needs. Our 27 years of business and entrepreneurial experience is readily available to all who visit Cerdic’s!

Who is "Cedric"?

Cedric Marshall

Cedric Marshall (1899-1951) is the grand father of the owners. Cedric operated Kimball’s Starlight Ballroom during its reopening after WWII from 1948 until his passing in 1951. The Starlight was located at the current site of the Sunrise Senior Living Center on Salem Street in Lynnfield, MA. The Starlight was where Big Bands of that era performed under the stars. This space is named in his honor.

Cedric’s grandson, Ted Dooling

Great grandson, Patrick Dooling